Nick Hoffmann
Nick Hoffmann

Helping Dropshippers To Start & Grow Their Business Hyper Profitable

Are you a Dropshipper and struggle to make profitable & predictable sales?

My Name is Nick Hoffmann and I dedicated myself to helping Dropshippers to get hyper profitable by using a simple Sales Funnel

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Here's how our proven process works:

Finding Your Product & Crafting Your Offer

Most beginner Dropshippers think they need to find a winning product. In reality they end up testing 30+ products without finding a winner. Therefore we help you find a Product that is selling well and teach you how to build an irresistible Offer around the product so your people buy from you instead the competition

Building Your High Converting Sales Funnel

If you are still wasting your time with a Shopify store then you're conversion rate is probably below 2%, right? 
We at Make eCom Work teach you how to build a simple 4 page sales Funnel. In our experience these sales Funnels convert atleast 8% of your Visitors into hungry buyers

Building Your Traffic Machine

Have you ever run Facebook Ads, Google Ads or Ads on any other platform? If yes, you probably know that it's pretty hard to get them profitable. Nick Hoffmann has spent several Millions of Dollars on Facebook Ads alone to show you which strategies work and which don't.
This takes away the whole thought process and makes it easy.

Scaling Your Business Rapidly

At this stage you are all setup to get to 6/7 Figures in no time. When I explored this process the first time, I have gotten from 0 to 7 Figures in just 6 Months. Here we are 100% focused on increasing revenue and building a long lasting and impactful brand.

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